About ISM Connect

Modernizing the fan experience for sports, entertainment and commerce

The World We Live In

All around us, consumer expectations of digital integration are increasing. The digital out of home market is $8 billion and growing annually at 12%. In our personal lives, digital infrastructure is within the cities we live, the stadiums we attend and the stores we shop. Digital programming is what we watch, it’s how we learn and it’s what we converse about. We are working to not just play a role in the digital ecosystem for commerce and entertainment, but also to act as an innovator to modernize the experiences for venues, retail stores and municipalities.

Who We Are

We are ISM Connect – an industry innovator building the world’s first fully-integrated network of smart engagement technology. Founded in 2017, we are creating a new category that sits between technology and media to offer digital at-venue brand experiences. ISM’s network of 100 venues and 10,000 retail locations reaches an audience of over 100 million consumers. While the charter is large, our success hinges upon understanding the needs of consumers, brands and venues. Each are stake holders and all are our customers as we modernize the way fans experience events, brands market and venues present themselves.

Who We Serve

When fans attend events they are their most passionate selves, and it is at these pinnacle and personal moments that they are open to new ideas. Our products are multi-faceted and they include a fully enabled network of screens with smart cameras that track both demographic and engagement data. Our products enhance and ensure security at immense and highly visible events, while providing advertisers with a seamless, immersive platform to connect to their brand advocates.

Join Us

As the experiences around our commerce, entertainment and cities progress, ISM is there to enable this innovation. Come on this journey with us, as we work to evolve the fan experience, by connecting venues, brands and consumers.

ISM Connect
100 S. Main St.
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