Digital networks:  Enhance the fan experience


We serve passionate fans who demand a connected experience when they attend their events.  Through digital screens and intelligent monitoring, a typical smart venue consists of dozens of distribution points, that when connected to a robust back-end infrastructure, create valuable insights and analytics around engagement and reach.

Minor League Baseball

Launching in the Spring of 2019, ISM will power the digital experience for over 25 Minor League Baseball clubs, delivering a footprint of over 400 digital screens and working with each team to build creative programming and direct advertising content.

Our deal with MiLB will showcase our talent in helping to modernize the best family experience in sports.


ISM manages the digital fan experience at 23 NASCAR tracks through its agreements with International Speedway Corporation, Speedway Motorsports Inc. and independent track owners. Via our screen network, we provide a marketing channel for brands to advertise as well as detailed analytics that deliver insights to sponsors who want to reach the NASCAR fan base.

ISM Raceway

ISM Connect manages the digital fan experience at 23 NASCAR tracks through its agreements with International Speedway Corporation, Speedway Motorsports Inc. and independent track owners under the name of ISM Vision.

ISM provides a marketing channel for brands to advertise and detailed analytics which deliver insights to sponsors interested in reaching the NASCAR fan base.

Conferences & Trade Shows

ISM’s platform is used at multiple conference and trade  shows to help maximize the experience. Some of these shows include the Greenbuild Conference and Barrett- Jackson Auto Auction. Exhibitors benefit from a new marketing channel, where they can collect actionable insights around the conference experience.

Our innovative technology has been deployed at a number of other high profile venues and events in order to enhance the visitor experience, as well as to help organizers and entertainers create engagement opportunities.

A first for any NFL franchise, ISM brought in a fleet of large format, high definition screens that were strategically placed throughout FedEx Field to captivate the attention of fans with team interviews, merchandise offers, team app promotions, and more.
Hosted at the renowned William H.G. FitzGerald Tennis Center in Rock Creek Park in Washington D.C., the Citi Open is a multi-day professional tennis competition in which ISM presented fans with event updates, match recaps, schedules, and more.

Smart retail: Experiences that inform purchase decisions


The retail industry is increasingly competitive, requiring brands and publishers to continue to innovate to compete for mind share from the digital consumer. From in-store interactive products to informational kiosks and behavioral insights, ISM technology helps retailers and marketplace venues turn consumers into customers.

Wireless Carriers

Processing more than 30 million pieces of data daily at over 7,000 stores globally, ISM is the leader in retail services to wireless carriers. We provide user-friendly interactive experiences to consumers, which deliver business intelligence and actionable feedback that helps to guide decision making. Our clients include Verizon, AT&T, Cricket and Orange.

Public Marketplaces

The retail experience is under constant change, creating incredible exposure and social sharing opportunities for commerce that is innovative and memorable. Through smart signage with responsive programming, our point-of-sale solutions serve the purpose of engaging visitors and driving sales

Smart cities: Innovative technology that modernizes landscapes


Technology can change the look and feel of a city or municipality, as well as create functional utility. ISM provides stand-alone products such as security monitoring, intelligent display networks, and behavioral analytics. The power of our platform engages consumers and allows community and government leaders to better control surrounding environments.


With over 20 screens, Daytona Beach’s 300,000 square foot epicenter for premier retail, dining and entertainment was transformed in early 2018.

Mixed use retail developments provide a unique opportunity for vendors to connect with consumers and offer a new option for advertisers to capture the attention of consumers.

DC Solar

ISM will partner with DC Solar to pair smart signage with clean energy products. The current roadmap begins with the deployment of 500+ high-visibility digital screens over the next two years in top DMAs across the United States, beginning with Columbus (OH), Orlando, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Our network will help to modernize these cities and provide utility.

Case studies

Some feedback from our customers about our work.


Kroger wanted to promote ClickList.com, its online shopping experience to reach females through branded content.


During the 2017 NASCAR playoff event series, Goody’s wanted to create email opt-ins for the brand.

Honda Generators

Honda Generators wanted to leverage social media and video programming to identify sales leads.

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